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Modeling Binary Evolution
报告题目:Modeling Binary Evolution
报 告  人:陈雪飞 研究员 (云南天文台)
报告时间:2021-09-23 16:00:00


More than half of the stars are in binaries. Understanding the physics of binary evolution is crucial for modern astrophysics, as binaries play a crucial role in many aspects, e.g. supernova explosion, double compact objects, X-ray binaries, binary millisecond pulsars, the UV/X-ray radiation in galaxies, measuring the universe's expansion, providing ionizing photons for the cosmic re-ionization. In my talk, I will review the progress in modelling binary evolution, including the problems of non-conservative mass transfer, dynamical mass transfer and common envelope evolution. Those problems are fundamental and long-standing. The progress in solving those problems impacts the study of the formation of Type Ia supernovae, double black holes and double white dwarfs, for which I will briefly discuss. I will also review the studies on binary fraction and statistical properties of binary populations, which are essential inputs for binary population synthesis and can also constrain the theory of star formation in some way. The population studies are based on large surveys or high-resolution spectroscopic observations with large telescopes.